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Strange Shadows (QUIET)

Strange Shadows (QUIET) 1/23/14

After playing with many of the elements and rearranging them; I decided that the original concept was broad and lofty. I decided to abandon the original word  and refocus as I began working with rougher and rougher distorted elements.

The fireplace scene eventually led me to the word quiet, because of the color choices and the great amount of effort but I was putting into trying to create a loud and visually chaotic scene inside the fireplace.

What I learned from this project:

  • keep it simple
  • stay with colors within the same range
  • you can create contrast without without commentary colors
  • analogous colors are easier and more forgiving
  • illustrator has some great distort tools
  • play with mesh, 3-D transform and perspective and think about vanishing points
  • have a central feeling in mind instead of an environment – the feeling will create the environment.
  • if you create the environment first it may change the focus entirely
  • a fair amount about illustrator, what tools are helpful for me and when to say enough is enough
  • keeping things rough and distorted leaves room for mistakes that don't look like mistakes 
  • when you abandon your central color and go with analogous – you may be free
  • consider purchasing the creative cloud
  • without feedback – creating a composition can be overwhelming in the beginning stages.


*Due to injury, hand dexterity  is compromised… Thus the poor penmanship and sketches.

LOUD – you're inside the city, it's later than you think and perhaps you're in the wrong end of town. You go down a wrong turn and found yourself swept from rational space and falling to time.

Inside the city, are boom box windows, fires shimmering shadow from alleyways – you're on a one-way street driving down the wrong side. All of this is when is from above, I'd like to integrate checkerboard arrays, cobwebs, angles into angles – spoke like patterns of light and dark.

Inside the city is swirling spirals, deep dark blue colors, saturated with bright oranges and reds – transcendental storm of color vision.

This could all be framed within a open doorway that someone is looking into.

The sketch has some features: a few buildings, nerve cells, spiderweb, small maze…


Still in the discovery and planning around stage. I don't have Adobe illustrator – so I've been playing with  in the new program called Sketch. 

Colors are derived from the fiery moon photo.

Creating a maze with city buildings is a bit more complicated than I anticipated. This will take me a little while. I haven't been able to get the/create the visceral feeling of a loud landscape. My next stage in the process is to refine some of the buildings, walls, adding a fire and feelings of electricity. Still thinking about how to spice this composition up a bit. All thoughts are greatly appreciated.


1. Changing doorway into portal
2. Mazelike concept could be used in patterns or textures instead of actual maze in buildings.

3. Using fire as triggered into smaller composition inside composition

4. Inside portal, include various elements from initial composition (checkerboard, broken floorboards, chairs or couches to ground concept, warped hexagon maze, fire, bubbles or balloons or tickertape like excitement from New Year's Eve or other celebration inside many composition.

5. Simplify color palette and use thinner lines.

 1/7/14 Initial composition and two separate patterns

some questions for feedback:

1. Any suggestions on how to give them greater depth?

2. How to warp hexagon web pattern so that it follows the lines of perspective?

3. Do I need to add additional elements,… A rocking chair, guitar, fireplace shapes,

Going forward I plan on adding some subtle textures to the coaches and walls along with playing with and creating additional elements.

Obviously this is very rough but I would appreciate any and all feedback.


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