Mira Metzler

Mixed Media Artist



Storytelling with Photoshop

I'll start with the first image composite that I've made some moons ago, the snail and his friends moving into spring from a snowy winter. I made this using personal images and stock images and to this day I build my worlds using photos taken by others. I post my composited on instagram as miralias .dac70fce

But I aspire to take my own images and one day be brave enough to be in the shoot!

I have seen some images that truly inspire me.

First one is from joel robison and I just love the idea he illustrated about chasing down a good story.


Secondly, is this image by Adrian Sommeling and his fun adventures with his kid, especially this one that depicts the vulnerability of  tiny humans, a theme common in my own composites.

Looking forward to making my own images and create even more meaningful and authentic fantastic worlds :)


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