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Storytelling image: Treasure

A young creature was wandering the woods one day when a glimmer of light caught its eye. Curious, the cub moved in closer and discovered a scaly, golden egg! What could it be?



I had come up with a prompt "Found Treasure" for a speed-practicing group blog I belong to for Saturday's postings. For mine I imagined a creature finding a mysterious egg in the woods. I had a pretty clear image in my mind so I looked up some references of setting, light, and subject. Then I painted it out in grayscale and added some color with a gradient map, as is my usual process with the 2-hour pieces. I had kept in mind some things from the slideshow, and thought this piece could do for my storytelling image. After the 2 hours this is how it looked (I later refined it to get the final image you see above, revisiting the slide show and making the foliage more deliberately directed and reworking some of the contrast):


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