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Storytelling Sequence

9/4/13 - Story sequence

BAH okay I'm done. Too many images perhaps but I think they might have been necessary for the story... I tried to tie the main character together a little bit better too on the first several images :)

7/4/13 - Story sequence

Okay so I've thumbnailed the whole sequence in scribbly form and I've started to work on it in slightly better quality work, which I'm now posting below! I'm not sure if the story gets across, but I hope so. Please let me know what you think, and if you can get a story from this sequence, any help is greatly appreciated because I plan on turning this into a full animated sequence. This is about the first maybe third of the sequence. Below the images is a brief description, but I didn't want to explain each step.

7/4/13 - A note on the story

I'm working more on this today and I'll be posting something soon! But I thought i'd post something short about the idea - I want my images to speak for themselves of course, but I decided to follow that really useful blog post on 22 story tips I learned from Pixar and sum up the whole story as:

Once upon a time there was starry dancer. Every day, she danced with her friends in the milky way. One day she fell to earth. Because of that, she was alone with no one to dance with. Because of that, she searched for someone to dance with. Until finally she found companions on earth.

3/4/13 - Preliminary art - Starflake

So I'm excited to start this sequence of images now that I've watched Daniel's lectures! This first image is just trying to set the mood, and maybe the first scene of the series of scenes. The idea is that a starry dancer has fallen.... Hopefully that's somewhat understandable from this preliminary image. And the story will go from there. I'm trying to make an animation for my friend's piece, which she sang (and harped(?)) call Snowstorm, which can be heard here. It really conjured up a lot of images in my mind and the delicacy of the song and her voice inspired this starry dancer.

By the by, I did really want to do the Minotaur idea, but last week I had to make a story sequence using a very strict parameters and script, and I wanted to kind of loosen up and do something a little more relaxing. If that makes sense. 

== BELOW is all my work for the first part of this class and the single image! ==

I guess I'll start sharing some of my process, and hopefully get feedback from some of you talented classmates! I'm pretty much self-taught so... go easy on me. But please do share any critiques you might have!

25/3/13 - Final Piece - Forest Meeting

Okay! After much deliberation, I went with the vertical version and actually I think it works! I also added branches to the trees which are kind of meant to mimic the spindliness of the charater's bodies and fingers. 

What do you think? Feedback much appreciated both on this final piece above, and my final for the image "giveaway" below.

By the way, this image shows up with a green hue (which i used to underlight most of the scene except the "main" character, to accentuate their alien weirdness) on my monitor, but on my laptop screen it appears greyish. Hopefully the green hasn't been lost or something....

25/3/13 - Trying a new composition

So while working on the meeting picture, which had garnered a lot of comments in the thumbnail, I was thinking that maybe I ought to try a vertically oriented version of the picture. While working on the very basic blocking out of the picture, I wanted to take a step back and see if this actually augments to the mood or detracts from it. What do you think? I like the wandering space of the horizontal version, but perhaps this is a little more concise, framing the witches sort of front and center. Not sure!

24/3/13 - Refined Study

I know lots of people responded strongly to the "witches" in the woods image from my thumbnails below, and I am working on a larger version of that piece now! However, I also was sort of interested in seeing where I could take my first thumbnail...

You can see a larger version of this here.  I wanted to know - does this image convery a story to you? What kind of mood do you think this has?

I am really interested in being able to tell a story in a non action-packed scene, where the action speaks for itself. I was hoping to learn to be able to convey a bit more behind the characters than I usually am able to do, without being too terribly obvious about it. What do you think?

21/3/13 - Thumbnails

I wanted to try to capture a moment that tells a story and expresses a feeling in a single frame, but also leaves mystery in the air as well. After going through the lecture a couple of times, and knowing my own illustration abilities, I decided to try to do some thumbnails of some ideas that popped up. I limited my time and size of image so I wouldn't get carried away with details, which is what usually happens. 

As in the lecture, I tried to use lighting and the shapes of characters to convey different feelings like warmth or uneasiness, and contrast to direct the eye. I'm not terribly good at contrast so any pointers there would be great. What do you think? Do any of these images or ideas communicate a story to you and are you curious about the image's character? Please share your thoughts!

-Ami B


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