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Storyboarding Life

5: First Pass

Hey anyone who's there, here's a first pass of my project on vimeo....

4: Beats and Paradigm

Here are my thumbnails and paradigm outline.

The story is that we went to Disneyland for my birthday. I had always wanted to go on Tower of Terror, one friend was eager to do it and the other was reluctant. I used my free birthday button to convince him to go with me. The ride itself actually terrified me. At the top when they open the doors I was so scared I grabbed on to my friend for dear life. After getting off I was still shaken until I saw the photo of me about to grab my friend. The terror of tower of terror proved to make the ride more memorable and live up to my expectations.

3: Research

So after a long absence here is an update on my project. I chose the Tower of Terror story.

Here are some images from California Adventure:

OK, here are 2 of the ideas I have so far:

#1 Roaches

I moved into an apartment in North Hollywood only to find out 4 days later it had a really bad roach problem. Being terrified of bugs this was awful. Eventually I was able to overcome this and am typing this in the same apartment.

#2 Tower of Terror

I went to Disneyland for my birthday and was really excited to ride the Tower of Terror because Family Matter built it up in my mind. My friends were all hesitant and I didn't know why. It was one of the most terrifying ride experiences for me and I ended up holding onto my friend for dear life.

I'll throw up a 3rd idea later.


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