My husband, Grant Stoddard, is a British-born New Yorker who writes about history, travel, adventure, health and relationships. His writing has been published in New York Magazine, The Daily Beast, Financial Times, Men’s Journal, New York Times, The Walrus, GQ, Glamour, Vice, Hemispheres, Women’s Health and Men’s Health where I am also a contributing editor.

in 2012, Grant was asked to help write the story of family friends; a couple in their mid 80s and 90s. They had emigrated to the Minnesota from war torn Europe. He knew they would have an incredibly interesting and dramatic story to tell. What he didn’t anticipate was how different their story was from the story friends and family thought they knew. Like in a game of telephone, details had morphed dramatically over time and, had the family not asked him to write their story, those inaccuracies would have lived on and been taken as fact. But what was coming to light wasn’t all from them. Through his own research, he helped to put of parts of their own story into a broader context and help them understand their own narrative differently. 

We are in the process of creating a Wordpress site that will allow us to gauge the interest into a service like this and the price point potential customers would be willing to pay. 

We've based pricing on hours of interview time and number of words: 

1) Heritage $4K includes:
- 5 hours interview time
- 7,500 words (approx 30 pages of text)
- formatted, ready to order book with your images

2) Legacy $6.5K includes:
- 10 hours interview time 
- 15,000 words (approx 60 pages of text)
- formatted, ready to order book with your images

3) Dynasty - customized package based on requirements

*Interviews are conducted over Skype, travel costs for in person interviews would be an additional cost