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Story structure project

Passion- Why do you want to write that this story?

      I want my writing to be an expression of who I am. Initially, I wanted to write a story that spoke to the reader’s spirit, but now I w ant my work to be apart of their lives. I want to create characters people will remember for years to come. I have read books I couldn’t put down but I want to create the type of book that people will want to pick back up and read again and again and again.


Theme- What message should readers take away from it?

        The message that should be taken from this story is that no matter where we are in life or what we may have done to get us there, we all deserve to be forgiven. We can’t fully heal or forgive others if we can’t forgive ourselves first. I want there to be a strong message of self-love and forgiveness in this book.


Flaw- How must your character change to reflect the theme?

         My character is sad, lonely, depressed, suicidal, and filled with rage. She is this way because of the guilt she feels over the deaths of her husband and unborn child. She has to find the strength and the desire to forgive herself and come to terms with her past so that she can ultimately forgive others. The problem is she has become so accustomed to her sadness she doesn’t want to change, she doesn’t feel she deserves to live a happy life, in fact, she doesn’t feel she deserves to live at all.


Premise- What if a woman who feels she has no reason to live because of the choices she made in her past, has to help a friend get over his self-destructive behavior and through helping him she finds new reason to live? What if she begins to wonder if it’s actually possible that she could be given a second chance? Is it possible to forgive yourself for past mistakes even when it resulted in the deaths of people you love?



*Side note: I have two protagonists for this story. Grief and guilt are told from two different sides and they are handled differently because people grieve differently. Do you suggest I answer these questions from the second point of view also?



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