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Story ideas: sexual shame, apparently.

Jotted these down and noticed later that they are all about sex and awkwardness.

1. Being in a situation where you have to work with several women that you've slept with in the past. Perhaps a business trip. Maybe an event for a professional association to which you all belong. 1 woman is a friend, 1 woman is still hung up on you, 1 women is out for blood, but only in the most excessively polite and cold-blooded way.

2. Parenting a sexually active teenage girl. A close bonding situation perhaps, like a road trip, or chaperoning a school dance, where your mind just goes berserk with suspicion or just stalking her on a date or something. This is all about maddening suspicion and mostly being totally helpless to connect with your child who now is a complete mystery to you, and because of that you realize all of the opportunities you messed up. 

3. Coming to work the day after your wife caught you having an affair. Somehow there are photos of you and the other woman. She posted them all on social media, from your accounts (Facebook and LinkedIn), which she hacked and everyone in your life knows in graphic, horrifying detail. And you have to just live through an ordinary day, soaking in a vile stew of humiliation and disgust.

Geeze. Grim. 

OK. Thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance.


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