Story Structure project

Passion: I want to write this story because I want to become just like my favorite authors. I grew up reading amazing fantasy stories such as Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and The Hunger Games, which is what fueled my desire to become a writer. Nowadays, there aren’t many kids who like to read, even my youngest sibling hates having to open a book. I’d like to change that by making a novel that is sure to grab people’s attention. 

Theme: The main message that readers should take away from my story is that no one is truly worthless. Throughout the story, Erin will go through harsh situations during her career as a ninja, some of which will be caused by the antagonist, Kaguya, who will attempt to lower her host’s sense of worth by manipulating and insulting her. But with the help of those who truly care for her, Erin will begin to feel as though she does have some worth after all because there are people who need her. I’m hoping that the theme will resonate with readers who are stuck in situations where their sense of self-worth is degrading to tell them that they aren’t worthless, despite what others may think of them. 

Flaw: Erin must learn to accept herself for who she is and realize that she isn’t worthless.  For most of her life, Erin has been told that she’s worthless by her father and her other relatives due to their belief that she is a ‘devil child’. Because of this, Erin has slowly begun to accept their words as ‘fact’, her lack of self-worth is what allows Kaguya to have the advantage for most of the story, as she manipulates Erin into believing that she is the only one who cares about her as a ‘devil child’ in order to mold Erin into her own image. Over the course of the story, Erin meets people who truly care for her, which is when she starts to regain her sense of self, and value herself as a human being. 

Premise: What if a person is constantly told that they are a worthless being, one that’s not even worth calling human? What if that person’s lack of self-worth benefits a tyrannical goddess in her plan to resurrect herself and take control of the world once again? What if she meets people who care about her enough to help her feel as though she has some value?  Can a person like that have a chance at defeating a crazed goddess? 


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