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Story Structure: 8 Essentials for Outlining Your Novel or Script

This class is a simple way to structure your story for success. 

Class description: There's no one-size-fits-all approach to writing story, but having nowhere to start can be intimidating. Whether you're a panster or a plotter, novelist or screenwriter, these eight essential story points will help you define the heart of your story and build your conflict towards the most emotionally satisfying climax.

Each lesson will go over one of the eight essential story points, putting it into context within a three-act structure and giving you tips on how to utilize it for your unique story. You will also have the opportunity to see how these points have been used in successful stories of varying genres. Your class project will be an outline of your own story, using these eight points.

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Marketing this class:

6/23/16: So far, what I've done to market this class is post about it on my blog, which included the introduction video that I posted on Youtube. I then shared that blog post on my Facebook and Twitter, as well as announcing the class on my Instagram.

I created the lego and books image as a reference to how the 8 essential story points are building blocks towards the end goal of a finished story. My hope is that the visual will peak interest, as I've found that having a solid cover photo makes a huge difference in the number of enrollments.

Since this is my second class, I'm hoping that students who enjoyed my first class will see the notification that I've published a new one (since they're following me) and enroll here as well. I also plan to write something in the discussion section about it.


6/24/16: It's been less than 24 hours and I already have 13 enrollments! In addition to what I mentioned before, I created 25 free enrollment links and sent them to select friends and members of my family who I knew would like the class but might not take it if they had to sign up for premium. My family shared the link that I had posted on Facebook as well so it could reach a broader audience.

I also created a sample project, sharing my own novel outline, the one that inspired this class. This was surprisingly hard for me, and helped me to experience what my students might feel when asked to be vulnerable in sharing their process. I'm glad I'll be able to relate with them more and hope I can encourage lots of interaction between student and teacher.


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