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Story Ideas

Hello! These are my 3 ideas...

1: Bad Driver.

I am not very good at driving, and that lack of skill gets exascerbated by my lack of practice. So one night when my friends and I went out. I ended up crossing red lights, driving on the wrong lane, stalling the car up the steepest hill in town, getting lost and being stopped by a policeman.

2: The Hike.

In Cape Town where I live we have many mountains and trails to hike in. One of the toughest I've gone to is Table Mountain which I am not fit enough at all to hike easily. A few friens and I went up the mountain and when we were coming down fatigue kicked in and my brother and I were stuggling. To make matters worse when we got down, a friend made us follow his phone's directions to take us back to the parking lot(we were in a massive botanical garden) and we got lost, I was quite angry because I knew the direction we were supposed to be heading but i counldnt find a clear path so no one listened to me.

3: The Greatest Dog.

When I was 6 We used to live in Mozambique, There my brothers and I had many friends we played with in the streets. One of them found out that we'd always wanted a dog, so one day he pops up with one and gives it to us as a gift; It was the coolest, most awesome looking dog to a couple of lupine crazed kids. But our state of endless blis wouldn't last long. When our natural Brasilian instinct to wash everything kicked in, one of us went to fecth water for the dog's bath. Thats when our parents heard all of the racket we were making and came to check on us. What they saw was a disgusting flea ridden skinny dog which they promptly put out of the house.


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