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Luciano Samskeyti

Storvo, Inc.



Storvo, Inc.

Luciano Samskeyti

São Paulo Brazil

Storvo, inc.

The name comes from the word "estorvo", wich means something between nuisance, insolence, encumbrance, obstacle, trouble... but actually there is no exact translation into English. 


Born in São Paulo, one of the largest cities in the world, Storvo uses irreverence as one of its main expressions. We are inserted in a lifestyle that supports an independent and underground culture, and we  are not born to live on the same way as everybody else, our greatest pleasure is work to develop products for those who can’t get no satisfaction in just be one more in the crowd. We make only 100 pieces per model to ensure exclusivity.

São Paulo is a huge city with a prosperous urban culture, streets full of graffiti, bass music, skateboarding (wich is now the second major sport in the country). We have been influenced by the global streetwear through the years and we like to mix it with brazilian elements.

                                                Design inspired by Martha Cooper work


We're using the Capybara alongside our brand, because it is a wild animal that lives in São Paulo, even if it seems impossible, it faces the pollution of the river Tietê and Pinheiros river and can be caught while we're stuck in traffic. This versatility in dealing with adversity is what gets our attention.


              Our target audience has no specific age, but rather a state of mind. We produce clothes for those who identify with the counterculture and irreverence, for those who breathe this urban universe around us here and now.


Urban life with all its imperfections, arguments and contradictions were always one of the greatest inspirations for Storvo, Inc. Its new collection proves it as it is the result of this indiscrete affair that the brand keeps with the city.

Under the slogan “The real style of the streets”, Storvo Inc. presents on its stamps the big and organic city, the street culture on its minor details that just can be noticed – and appreciated - for those who have a special look on its life style. Details that also can bring out the curiosity of those who identify themselves with the dare proposed by the brand.

All these urban elements were brought all together and demonstrated in very stylish pieces, keeping the characteristics that made of Storvo Inc. a loyal partner of the subculture lovers and irreverence, as the acid humor and its underground atitude. This new collection was created to show that it really walks side by side with its big inspiration, the STREET. 

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