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Stormtrooper TK-421

The final cut.

The "someone-needs-to-pee" version.


Well, I've spent the morning in After Effects working on this and hey... it's done! Turned out pretty well, although I think I made a newbie mistake in not noticing that my frame rate was set to 29.97fps and not 25. Yeah, this stormtrooper was in a serious hurry. So, had to bump it down to 25 after it was all done which seemed to make my file a lot messier (keyframes not on exact units, etc). 

Still, the .gif doesn't seem to have a problem and definitely looks better slowed down as it gives your eye a chance to understand what's going on.



Using my sketches as reference, along with some images I found online, I started to create this guy in Adobe Illustrator. Didn't spend a crazy amount of time on it (this is all about the animation really), but it still turned out okay. 

Paid attention to the layer labels, and pretty soon I was as done as I was going to be.


So interested in this class, can't believe it's taken me this long to start. Ran through all the videos, decided it was time to sketch out a character I was *really* interested in, otherwise I'd never finish. So, yeah, stormtrooper it is.

Here are my pencil sketches. Tried to stylize it so that it would follow Fraser's technique (clear joints, bendy limbs, etc.). 

Next, bringing into Illustrator!


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