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Eduardo Vieira

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Stories can change Stories


1st- The best kitty I never had

My first idea is about my crazyness for cats. When I was a kid around 7 or 8, I used to go out to play in the street with my friends (the neighborhood I grew up was very simple and calm at that time). One day when I was sat in front of my house waiting for my friends, a little kitty appeared, alone, at the corner of the street. I instantly fell in love with him because he was SO small and he was meowing desperately, probably calling for his mom. I tried to bought him home but my mother always hated cats. She terminantely prohibited me of getting the cat into our house, so I spent all the day at the front door of my house with the cat, playing with him and giving him food and water. 

2nd- The first game I ever finished

The first videogame I ever had was a Master System. I got crazy when my father gave me one at my 9th birthday. My dad gave me the console, the Master System Gun and 2 games: Super Soccer and Gangster Town. Gangster Town was a game where you were a police officer trying to free your city from a gangster squad. It was played with the Gun, and I spent all that vacation playing with it, all day and all night. I was totally used to play Atari in one friend's house, and the games didn't have an "end". But when I got through the last boss of gangster town and saw the message on the screen, telling me I've just beaten the game, my head blew out. 

3rd- Stories can change Stories

My third story happened in 2007. I was in the middle of a really bad moment, after my mother received a diagnosis of Alzheimer and Parkinson, which came after a long depression she went through. We were shocked. My head was always full of worries about my mother's condition and the way we were going to live in the next few years (I don't have brothers or sisters and my parents are divorced). I always had big dreams of being a good artist, but I was so down I didn't have too much confidence in my abilities or my work in order to put me in a good place in the art industry. Then, Pixar released "Ratatouille". I always went to the movies to watch Pixar animations with my friends and that time wasn't different, we went to see it. It was a way to give my mind some freedom, too. Then the magic happened.

At some point of the movie, when Remy felt lost in the sewers, I started Identifying myself with him. At the scene Gusteau's ghost spoke to Remy "If you focus on what you left behind, you will never be able to see what lies ahead. Now go up and look around!", I almost cried and then instantly "oh wait. What's happening here?!?" I look frightened to all my friends, afraid of what they would think of a big grown man crying because of a mouse (and not even a real one). But I was already caught up by that movie. At the final scenes, after Ego's critique scene, when he said, "Not anyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere", I totally crashed. That moment devastated me and I started crying insanely, while my friends were laughing at me. That moment was really shameful by this side, but it was also incredible as the moment that made me truly believe I could be big with my art. 

I chose story number 3 because it is the most significative of the three for me, and because I think it's the best in terms of giving me chance to explore emotions. Also, it's a chance for me to tell this story to other people, and, maybe, if that story changed my story, maybe my stories can change others' stories. That's what we do as artists, right? =)

I hope to hear your thoughts and comments! 


reference sheet


made some quick expressions and a scene to help me define the light and mood of the final storyboard.


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