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Tracey Coon

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Storefront Windows

Just because...I added a stand alone design with the windows. :-) 


NEW! Here is what I think may be my finished tile. I'd love some thoughts on the colors, layout, etc. I decided to leave a good bit of open space between the rows of windows to give some breathing room since the individual windows all have a good bit of detail. I didn't want to detract from that, so I hope this works. :-)



Here are some updated drawings - the most changes have been made to the Flower Shop, but I added awnings to all the shops and took out the whimsy shop all together. I'd love some additional feedback and thoughts. 


OK! Just finished my drawings in basic shapes and colors for now. I use a Wacom Cintiq, so I find it's just easier for me to draw directly in Illustrator and get the drawings the way I want them as I go along, so I don't really have any "sketches" to show. Hope this is OK. I'm not completely sure about the flower shop was the first one I drew and I have outlines on that particular one, but none of the others. I think I'll end up editing some more. I was also thinking these are my hero designs for the pattern, and then will use different smaller elements from each window to fill in the pattern. Thoughts? I'm worried I'm obsessing a bit too much. :-)  Any feedback is welcome!!!!!!!


This is my moodboard for my pattern design. I was first thinking of doing a windows themed pattern, but then browsing through pictures of pretty windows, I was really taken by some storefront window designs and thought it would be really cute to do a pattern based on different storefront displays.



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