Store 2.0: Simple Prints

Store 2.0: Simple Prints - student project


In 2014 I did a friends and family, limited edition run of 50 prints based on landmarks from Montreal (where I was at the time). Each print was personalised with a specific message.

Although the link to buy the prints was private and only shared with friends, folks passed it on and I got a few orders from complete strangers. So I did another run of 20 of each and threw them up on my site. I made five or six other prints as well.

Eventually I opened up an Etsy store, but that closed when I moved cities as I never got my printing/packaging/shipping setup back up. I only ever sold 7 prints there.

The next step for me is obviously to get organised and reopen, but I think there's also an opportunity for a bit of a brand refresh, and maybe to separate the prints thing from my freelance/client work.

Store 2.0: Simple Prints - image 1 - student project


- Looking through the work, it's all fairly minimalist and graphic in nature. There's an “Animal, Person, Place, Thing” kinda vibe, just missing animals (but two are in the works!).

My people tend to have limited facial features, if any, and the places and things tend to be fairly isolated in composition. Not huge on clutter, I suppose.

Store 2.0: Simple Prints - image 2 - student project


I think the hipster sketch would work really well as a 2-colour screenprint, I also want to explore a more dimensional version of a faceless portrait. As well, the animal series would be fun to do, maybe starting with a racoon or a black squirrel, both popular animals in Toronto.

Store 2.0: Simple Prints - image 3 - student project


These are the people I'd probably like my work to be a bit more like:

- Mads Berg
- Noma Bar
- Malika Favre
- Jason Munn
- Guy Shield

Store 2.0: Simple Prints - image 4 - student project


- More inventive packaging
- Embossing prints instead of printing or signing them
- Using single-colour techniques like Risograph and screenprinting
- Dark shipping tubes which could be stencilled or spraypainted
- A really minimalist logo
- Framing options?

Store 2.0: Simple Prints - image 5 - student project


- Figure out a name (I like Simple Prints but there's a photo printing service by the same name, so maybe something along those lines... Minimal, Elemental, Elementary etc.)
- Work on some brand collateral
- Look into packaging