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"Stop being a cartographer and become an explorer."

"Stop being a cartographer and become an explorer." 

The sentence I chose is from one of my favourites tv shows, Girls, from HBO. The final piece is going to be an advertisement for the show, a teaser for a new season. 

I love the meaning of the quote and I think it's very inspirational, also, as soon as I thought of the sentence, various key-words and images popped in my mind, as you can see from my list of words (I'm from Brazil, so the words are in portuguese, I've translated some of it to english after the photo) and mood board images below.

> map; globe; path; self discovery; drawing instruments; dust; train; passport; adventure; vintage; stars; compass; hat; treasure; pastel colours; magic; boarding pass; typewriter; moleskine; letter; exotic; backpack; vintage luggage; flowers; inspirational; old paper.

Below are a few of the images I found for the mood board. I want the final piece to be both strong and feminine, as that the show is called "Girls" and it's about their journey of transformation into adulthood, something that requires a lot of courage.

------- to be continued -------


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