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Stop Striving and Start Thriving



Stop Striving and Start Thriving

I'm learning to practice what I preach by striving instead of thriving. Thanks Neil and Linda for some sound advice on how to do that. I took notes during the course and have specific steps to follow, and will use the check list in conjunction with my notes. 

I already do a couple of strategies on the rapid launch sequence like using free enrollments since I am still working on things like followers and emails lists. A couple of things that I found very useful are incentives to get people to post discussions and projects. I haven't been able to create engagement in my classes as much as I would like, despite having many years formal teaching experience. It isn't the same when the student isn't paying the school and getting a grade! 

I will try these ideas on my new course series (not yet released), Stop Striving and Start Thriving: Change Your Life Through the Power of Gratitude

Additionally, I will try these techniques on my most recent course, "How to Get Clear About What's Really Important." Here is a premium link to the course.    http://skl.sh/2e5gXpd

I look forward to seeing the great results from this advice. 


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