Stop Being a Lab Bum

I live in my thesis lab.  And the other lab work in.  The extra time I have is spent planning lesson plans for my class or sleeping or maybe being social.  Anything left over is spent on the computer on youtube.  That part, needs to change.  

I started losing weight using fitocracy and a bit of weightwatchers, and have since slacked off.  I went to Greece for the week and was the only one who didn't want to wear a bathing suit or be seen in shorts.  It's amazing just how uncomfortable I've become with my body.

My food habits have gone down as well.  I used to cook most days and eat a healthy dinner.  Now I have schnitzel and potatoes for lunch (cafeteria food) and a soda. Go home and have whatever is easy and in my fridge.  

My goals are:

  • Work on cooking at least three times a week and making enough to bring extras to lunch.
  • Remember to bring healthy snacks (almonds, yogurt) every day to work.  
  • Start working out three times a week for twenty to thirty minutes
  • Once a weekend, run for an hour

They sound really easy, but it will take lots of small steps to get to incorporating them properly to my daily routine.  I'm bad at doing that.  Really bad.  Especially in the winter.  But, I will try.

Update 4 (deleted all the others because this was getting too long):
So, share one positive fitness change?  

Well, the combination of this class and my lovely new fitbit (totally recommend to everyone) has made me far more aware of just how sedentary my lifestyle is.  I've started taking little walks periodically throughout the day.  That's been nice.  It also has the added benefit of helping me to clear my head and get me to pause from always thinking about lab.  That, in a way, has helped me concentrate more when I am actually sitting at my desk as I have no need to constantly try to think of doing something else.  
I have also tried to work on my diet based upon what the last module was discussing.  I will be buying weights whenever I have time (maybe Saturday), but have also worked on including more protein in my diet whenever possible.  I have also been aware of my iron intake (I'm anemic) so I don't think regulating my protein intake to be that much more complicated.  

I actually have not been able to work on any of my goals other than snacks.  I bring yogurt every day and have a bag of almonds right next to me.  So that's good.  Starting next week I'll have the time to cook lunch and hopefully work out.  Running will probably start in a weekend or two when lab work settles down.  I  know this sounds like just pushing away the hard work, but that's just how my life is working.  It also will be a nice way  to ease in to changes which might help to make them more long term alterations rather than blips in my overall year.  



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