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Stood in awe

This photo was taken right after a quick surf session I had with a few friends of mine in Ventura, Ca. While walking back to my car the sun was setting and like any sunset you see over the ocean it's a beautiful thing, but once it dipped just below the horizon the light started to saturate the clouds with some amazing colors. It was that time my buddies and I grabbed our iPhones and started to shoot away. You can see one of my friends in the lower third of my photo shooting the sunset from the rocks. I decided to stay back to get a bigger perspective - i was hoping for a more silouetted look and feel, but couldn't get over how cool the colors were.

So the editing process of this photo wasn't anything crazy. I knew I really wanted to showcase the colors, so i brought the photo into VSCOcam using:

Preset 05/ Legacy: +6 - I really love how this setting brings out the color while adding some fine detail to the shot, especially in the clouds.

Tools: bumped up saturation +1, this added a bit more blue in the sky.

That's it!

Overall this was a fairly minimal editing process but the from the photo you can see why we stood in awe. 

Thank guys,



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