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Hello everybody,

I recently read the dutch version of Stoner by John Williams. It's the story of a man who grew up on a farm, made choices who brought him in a totally different university environment where he lived a common life, at first sight...

The great story and how it's narated is the main reason I chose this title. But there's a second one. I didn't like the cover.I don't want to see a photo of the main character. It takes away some of a book's magic. So I tried to make an alternative version with a dropcap.


As you all did I suppose, I wrote down some keywords (in dutch :-))

Made some sketches...
I'l not so skilled in typographic sketching... It was a very difficult one to translate the story into something typographical... but I came up with the Idea of a straw/wheat which symbolises Stoner's life. Growing, choosing other directions and finaly breaking... 

which resulted in this cover...

or another version with another colour-palette

I'll be glad to hear your comments !



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