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Stone the Crows!

Another great class!  Thankyou Mr. Draplin.

I've chosen to create a crest for the Crowe family (my Mum's family). My Grandad had 2 girls who both married so the name of his branch of the family has ceased to exist. My grandparents died a long time ago, but I have very fond memories of them.

My Grandad was born and bred in the NW of England in the county of Cumberland which has a different name now. The name is an old English name . His family were farmers and I remember  staying at the farm as a kid. He left the farm and worked as a driver/gardener and his wife my Nan was a dressmaker.

The crow symbol is often rather dark and gothic but I  want to the  crest to be lighthearted and  joyful.

While thinking of ideas to inclde in the crest I came up with the crow (simplistic symbol), the oak leaf (I remember there being lots of large old oaks near their home and on the farm),a flat cap (My Grandad wore one all his life ouside of the house), an old singer sewing machine (I loved playing with it) and this embroidery (My Nan loved embroidery and also had lots of samples framed from the women in her family).

"Stone the Crows!" is an expression of surprise in the UK. 


Work in Progress






After viewing some of the awedsome entries I have updated to a more simple modern version. The old English writing was too complex!


I really enjoyed this class, have learned lots and am quite happy with the results, although it still  looks quite busy. I need to work on keeping things simple. 


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