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Stomping Ground Studios

I am currently renovating an old warehouse in a semi-industrial area in Stepney, a suburb of Adelaide in Australia and creating purpose built dance and movement studios.

We have built 2 dance/movement studios, a fully equipped Pilates Studio, lunch room, toilets, showers, change rooms, creche and massage room and reception area.

The business model I am using is based on the famous Pineapple Dance Studios in London.

The studios are for hire by instructors for teaching classes in dance or other forms of movement. The business promotes the classes taught by the instructors to help build their class numbers and gather as many members as possible.

Everyone coming into the business to participate in classes pays a membership fee that gives them access to all the facilities inside the studios and then they pay their instructor directly for the class or workshop. They are greeted at the reception area and pointed in the right direction for their class.

The studios are also available for hire for choreographers creating or rehearsing work and the big studio is available for hire for small performances.

We manage the space and promote the classes, workshops and performances.

We are in the final stages of renovation and getting ready to open February 5th 2014.

Our Facebook page has lots of pictures of the transformation from daggy old mechanics warehouse to beautiful big dance and movement studios.


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