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Adam Hadlock

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Stockoto - Stock Photos, You Request

Searching for stock photos is an eye-gouging experience.  1000's of tacky, cliche images, with staged lighting, and fake smiles.  You never end up with an image that really sings your meseage.

That ship has sailed.

Stockoto, lets you describe your ideal photo, in juicy detail.  Seconds later, 1000's of photographers, are searching their photo libraries for a match.  Chances are there are 1000's of photographers with a camera already in their hand.  With luck, their are a few that can capture that perfect scene you need, and get it back to you in a flash. (pun intented)  

We have 3 different contests available:

  • Get 1 photo back - super fast
  • Get 10 photos from 10 different photographers, you choose the one(s) you want
  • Or commision custom photo work - such as a matched set of photos (theme)

Stockoto was designed with photographers in mind as well.  No more fractions of a percent in sales, or questionable licenscing voodoo.  Photographers choose the contests they want to reply to.  Professionals dont' feel like they are wasting their time, and amateurs and hobbyists get a chance to get their work out there any way they can.

About Stockoto in relation to this class.

We launched recently and are signing up photographers before marketing to designers and creatives.  I told myself I was just creating a MVP, but find myself building the whole product.  I've worked on other entrepreneurial projects in the past, but I told myself that I would not quit on this one until it was running or buried.  So here I am.

I'm in this class, to learn this 7-part method.  I've been absorbing business books similar to this as well, just to help keep me centered.  I know a lot of students in the class must feel this way too, when you've been working on one part of the business you come up for air, and it's tough to figure out which step, next and why.  

My website is, please, visit, sign-up, break it!


  • Copy
    I'd like any advice you can give on the general copy of my site.  I have a terrible time with tense, and punctuation, so if that's your pet peave we should have a virtual coffee.  Also the message of the copy.  If anything isn't clear, i'm all ears.
  • Flow
    I tried very hard to make the flow of the site understandable, intuitive, natural.  In the seemingly endless re-designs over the past few months, I fear some of that might not be so natural so if you see anything shout! [email protected]
  • Other stuff
    Are there any other suggestions you have? 

At this point my major SLOW point is acquiring photographers (and I haven't even started acquiring customers).  I used some ad money on linkedIn and was fairly impressed with the conversion.  I plan to use facebook after this course is done, just in case I learn something ground breaking. The other challenge is, I'm bootstrapping this, so large outlays of cash for marketing are really tough.

I've also got some questions on pricing for the contests, any feedback on that would be much appreciated as well.  Are they priced right? I do plan to switch over to points instead of dollars, to make my two part checkout work smoother.  For instance, people buy a contest and a photo, then have to wait to get responses, and then purchase the photo.  With points there can be just one purchase.

I'm building this plane as I'm learning to fly it, climb aboard! Come on, who wouldn't want a free flight?  ;)

Notes from course:


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