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Stockholm through the eyes of 15 year old photographer David Thomsson, @thomssond.

Stockholm is a quite difficult city to be a photographer in, especially if you've been living here all of your life. I've been shooting for about 3 years, for about 1,5 years I've been intersted in street photography and now I'm 100% sure that that's what I want to do. Even though I haven't been shooting for very long I feel like I've been to all the cool places in this city. I really need a trip, something new, some new city, some new people. That won't make me give up though, my goal is to be able to travel the world and document it all with my camera, the way I see it. 

Trash has always been a huge inspiration for me. The way he shoots and the look and feel of his photos. But it's not only the photos that I like about him. Unlike many popular Instagramers trash is humble. More than humble, he is one of the kindest people I've talked too. He helps the photographers that needs it and really gives back too the community. 

Thank you trash for keeping being awesome. 

All of these were shot with Fuji X-E1 and 35mm 1.4. I've got a 18-55 lens too but I thought it would be fun to challenge myself to shoot with the 35mm all day, that was a great idea. 

No. 1 - Street portrait

I'm a quite shy person, I hate going up to people and asking to take their photo, therfore I don't shoot a lot of portraits. I'm trying to get more into it and today I just said "f'ck it", and I don't regret it. 

Here in Sweden there is quite a lot of homeless people out on the streets. Most people totally ignore them. I'll be honest and say that I'm one of the people who quite often do that. The thing is that here in Sweden you can get help if you need it, the people out on the streets are people who doesn't want help. 

I love this image, mostly because it shows how big of a contrast there is in the world. This man sits outside a store, begging to get some money, enough to get food for the night. Behind him there's a store with sale, even though it's a sale this man will never be able to buy antyhing from it. 

No. 2 - Motion blur

The subway in Sweden is known to be the worlds longest art exhibit, I understand why. Every station has some kind of art in it. Not just some painting on the wall. It can be anything from a painting in the whole subway station to a huge diamond haning from the ceiling. It's really crazy to ride in it. 

That line on the wall is the art part of this station, that's nothing compared too what some other stations has but I thought that this would look the best when blurry. 

No. 3 - Night photo

I love night photography, it's definatly my favorite kind of photography. I love all the colors that the dark brings out, especially the way lights reflect on the ground if it's raining or it's wet on the ground. 

I waited for ten minutes too get the right people in the shot. The most difficult part was that I had too use a really slow shutter speed so the people couldn't be moving or otherwise they would have turned out blurrry. Luckily this cuple decied to look at the view from this bridge (which btw is one of my favorite places to shoot long exposures at). I love that they had black umbrellas too.

No. 4 - Look up

This was the most difficult part for me. Stockholm doesn't have a lot of tall buildings, and the ones that are doesn't have any good architecture. I had too improvise and found this stair. It's still sort of a look-up. Just inside of a bulding instead of outside. 

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