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Stock Market Investing for beginners (Class 1): How to come up with a list of possible profitable investments or 'watch list'

This is a very simple project and falls under "Investing 101", for people completely new to investing. The purpose of this project is to help you get excited about the wonderful world of investing and to show you that "profitable investing ideas" are everywhere around you. You just have to pay attention.

1. Keep it simple For the course of 1 week (Monday-Sunday) carry around a piece of paper (you can also use an excel spreadsheet) and pay attention to everything you do during the course of the day from the time you wake up. For example--

  • do you have an alarm clock? what brand is it? Is your alarm clock your phone? what kind of phone do you have?
  • When you go in to the bathroom to bathe and/or brush your teeth, etc. What kind of brand toothpaste do you us? brand of soap? do you use mouth wash? what brand is it? what brand is your tooth brush?/shampoo/conditioner/lotion? 
  • When you go to work-- do you drive there? what brand is your car? do you take the subway/public transportation? look around-- is everyone looking down at their phones? what brand of phones do they have?
  • When you get to work, do you usually go grab a cup of coffee? from where?

Ok, you get the idea. Keep your eyes wide open for all the brands you come across and companies you do business or interact with on a daily basis.

2. Set time aside to organize your list: At the end of your "experiment week" set aside about an hour or two of quiet time (go to a local library or a local coffee shop with your laptop or wherever you can have time to focus with a computer in front of you). Pull out your list of companies and go to Yahoo! Finance. Find out who makes the products for the brands you wrote down and find out if the company is publicly traded.

3. Time to narrow things down: Narrow down the list to the companies that are not only publicly traded but also those companies that you see sticking around for the next 10 years or so. Cross out the rest! Create an excel spreadsheet where you will list all the companies that "make the cut". Use Yahoo! finance to write down the ticker symbol, the stock price, and the date in which you research this information. (I can show you how to do a simple list on the video).



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