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Stock & Barrel Co. | Handcrafted Leather goods

These rowdy pictures resemble the early american culture that inspires the direction i've taken Stock & Barrel Co. I love a minimal, clean design with some rough edges.

Stock & Barrel Co was born about a year ago as the result of a fierce urge to break away from the cookie cutter life, quit my job and start doing what i really love. I've always been drawn to the idea of American made products and work to instill the spirit of American craftsmanship in everything we make.

However, Design and illustration is what i was really hungry for and therein lies my real passion. I created Stock and Barrel Co to give myself an outlet and finally break free the creative hurricane within my head, and apply it to something real.    


For Handcrafted timeless goods, it only seems appropriate to brand with hand lettered type and keep textures rough and lines imperfect.

Here is a picture of one of our basic hang tag labels that we use for all of our products.

For this Project

I'm honing in on a special job i'm doing for Sundance resort. They've asked me about doing custom leather Iphone cases. Nothing is set in stone but we came up with a great product to present to them so i thought it would be appropriate to design a label for the packaging when we officially present to them.

Sundance has created the perfect ambiance for their lodges, restaurants and general store. Rustic, raw, rugged, minimal. I wanted to create the same feel for the product AND for the label design.

Here are some ideas i was gettin down with! I threw this together for an email i sent to Sundance but i'll probably have to try something else for an actually label for packaging.

I really love the idea of these phone cases and they turned out even better than i hoped. I want the label to pay homage to the quality of the product.

Here is some more logo play in preparation for a label, still trying to catch a feel for the label

So I decided to use a hang tag style label and came up with this design. Not final yet but getting close! any input is appreciated

Final label design with coffee stained hang tags from Maya'sMomma design studio. This is clearly just a mock up, not actual ink to tag, but I didn't want to make the stamp, not knowing if the product would be put into production. Anyway I'd love any input and I appreciate the kind words that have been said thus far in the comments. Loved the class. THANKS JON!


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