Ashley Woodward




Stitch me in!

My name is Ashley. I hail from Portland, Oregon and am living in Saint Paul, Minnesota. My mother recently asked me to come home to help my grandmother transition from a recovery facility after a hospitalization back home with my mother.

As I was preparing my grandmother's room I found a Star Wars crochet kit and silently wished it was mine. The next day my mother saw it and told me, "Oh, your grandmother bought that for you for Christmas and we forgot to send it." Ha! So I opened it and tried to do the steps on my own and was unable to follow the written instructions - crochet and knitting are such visual things, it was difficult to know if I was correct or not. No one else I know knew how to crochet either so no one was able to help.

I am typically on Skillshare for photography, crafting, and graphic design but I thought - maybe they have some crochet classes! And here I am!

At this time I have watched through the chain stitch and the single stitch and decided that I'd like to make my first item with these alone until I feel confident and then I will learn the double stitch and what Connie teaches next. 

*note: I tried following the lessons with the hook and yarn that came in the kit but the yarn was thinner and the hook was a 3.5mm so it was hard to see. I realized that for learning I needed something easier to work with. I went to Joann's fabrics and purchased some thicker yarn (I couldn't find any cotton for the colors I wanted), a variety hook pack, some stitch markers, and a 6.5mm hook.

I decided that to make a scarf with this technique and wanted stripes the long way so I made a long chain instead of a short chain in order to alternate the color this way. We'll see how it goes!

Here's my progress!




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