Stitch and Scrump...and a Duck!

My 6 year old son and I love Lilo and Stitch. Especially the story of stitch as an outcast and the love that is given to him. We decided to learn together and illustrate a scene of stitch and scrump in hammock, hugging.


Okay scratch that. Jameson, my son wanted to do alien stitch with all his arms and his guns a blazing. Then he wanted to draw scrump (heck, maybe scrump will be holding guns!). Also, he drew a duck. I decided to change my direction and draw stitch and a duck, curious of eachother. Here are our sketches:


On his first sketch, he really struggled with getting the face round, so I gave him a circle as a foundation and he really ran with it. I love that his alien stitch looks so vicious!

I love his scrump. Of course it's a bit janky, but he really captured the creepy big eyes and I love how he did the teeth/stitching!


So, Jameson (heckuva 7 year old) lost interest, so I decided to go ahead of him so that maybe he would gain interest. He's definitely excited now that he's seen Dad's work. 

Here's my version of Stich and a Duck, really trying to dive into using more natural brushes on flat colors.


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