Hello all,

My name is Travis and I am the owner of Stinnys. Less than a year ago and after some engouragement, my etsy shop has grown and become one source of income. I went to University of the Arts as a duel major in the crafts department. I cast molds, sculpt and design in various materials. The shop has various amounts of jewlerly and for now is packaged in a 4'' X 9'' nilla envelope. The problem I am facing is, most of the shops items are relitively not expensive (costume Jewelry), So i would like to keep the cost on the packaging materials low. With this course I am hoping to create a unique package design, which customers will love once they recieve their items in the mail.

Stinnys - image 1 - student project

Some quick thoughts for the packaging design:

creating a stamp for the senders address in the left top hand corner.

A boarder framing the customers address

heres the link to my shop in case anyone wants to take a look around.

After reading and searching through some ideas. I came up with the idea to change the color of the  padded envelopes. I also added a small detail to the corner. I am currently working on the senders address stamp along with a new and improved stinnys logo.  I was thinking  for the jewelry i could make tags out of 3d shapes such as a tetrahedron or an octahedron. By creating this origami folded tag I am hoping to project the earring backs, or necklace hardware in the 3d shapes. I was also thinking since the card stock will be folded into a shape I could print the, thank you info, and the coupons on tag itself.

Stinnys - image 2 - student project

 Here's the layout  for the 3d tags

Stinnys - image 3 - student project

This is just a quistep ketch Ida for the tags the above picture gives you the general layout  for the tags.