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Heather Cranston

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Stinky's Cheese Shop

Feb 20/14

Here we go! Stinky's Cheese Shop — in the works.

Feb 21/14

I started sketching last night and had some clear favourites right away.

I liked the feel of this one most and have moved forward with it.

So Stinky's Cheese Shop! The content I'm planning on working with is:

Stinky's Cheese Shop
- Fort William, Ontario
- Est. 1955
- and a tagline of some sort, so far I've thought of
  • A little slice of heaven
  • Wake up and smell the Stilton
  • We cut it, you eat it
  • We cut the cheese

the stilton one is my fav so far. 

So this is the sketch I brought into Illustrator. I really like something about the top heavy cap 'S'. I will need to find a balance with the small 's'. And I am anticipating the 'k' being a challenge, but we'll see.

Feb 21/14 (again)

Bare bones, the second I traced it. Simon's advice of just dropping points to get them in there was helpful. I went back and refinded after.

That damn letter S! It was a tricky one to start (and end!) with, but I spent some time getting it down to 6 points. 

More refining. The 'k' started out really heavy, especially at a small size. Then it just got weird for a bit. Around #7 i really started to like something about how the whole word was shaping up. On to #8 and we're getting somewhere.

Next step, add content. I've played with a few layouts. Any thoughts? Suggestions?

Mar 4/14

Alright, all comments considered - 


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