Still searching for my style :)

Still searching for my style :) - student project

Hello Melanie! Thank you for the class! 

My project is a bit too long, but I decided to be thorough =D

So, a little background. I'm an economist, turned photographer (still photographer =D), turned illustrator (lately).

With my illustration work I'm exactly at the stage where I do anything (if I can) the client asks me too. Which for now is a good thing, because I learn a lot with all kinds of projects. I know that should I pursue the illustrator path I would eventually have to narrow down my niche. But right now I'm trying all things and searching for the one that will feel like a permanent kind.

Currently I got into this collage technique and I'm totally in love with it. Here are a few examples

Still searching for my style :) - image 1 - student project

Still searching for my style :) - image 2 - student project

Still searching for my style :) - image 3 - student project

Still searching for my style :) - image 4 - student project

Still searching for my style :) - image 5 - student project

Because I get asked about it a lot - I use watercolour swatches, as well as paper textures from "Mammoth Watercolour For Illustrator" from Nicky Laatz. (disclosure, link is affiliate =))

Other illustrations are mostly on my IG account @mariyakey

Ok, so below is my worksheet assignment =) 

My Creative Niche Style Worksheet

1) What am I ridiculously good at?

Ok, ridiculously is a bit too strong, but I'm quite good at generating picture ideas once I set my mind to it. On my working table I always have a notebook where I scribble and doodle any ideas that comes to mind, so that I can go back to them

2) What creative work makes me giddy with excitement?

Right now it's the collage technique I showed above. 

3) I love - I love children illustrations, bright colours and imperfections. I don't really love - first time meeting personally with clients (lol, sorry couldn't think of any arts related things I really dont like =D )

4) My dream clients are... actually my current clients are the ones I would love to continue working with, although I would love them to be able to pay a bit more. Currently almost all of my illustration work clients are females, in their 30s-40s, mums with entrepreneurs mindset. With almost all of them I become friends (maybe Im just too impersonal with my communications =D )

5) I love to do creative work with... both my hands and digitally. Ideally it would be a mixture of both, because hand drawings give me precision (I still struggle with my wacom drawing skills) and digital gives me freedom to change things (unlike say traditions watercolour, which I adore, but terrifies me because its rather hard to correct a mistake)

6) The ONE thing I must learn to improve my niche creative skill is...two actually that been on my mind - calligraphy is a skill I want to learn, because majority of my clients are Russian speakers and they need Russian language if there is a text in illustration. And there are not that many beautiful calligraphy fonts available for Russian, so making my own writings would come quite handy. Secondly I need to work on my Illustrator (as in Adobe Illustrator) skills, as my knowledge is scattered and I suspect I can be much more effective =)

Thank you for your class. I loved how structured and easy to follow it was =)

Mariya Popandopulo

Photographer & Illustrator