Still life

Still life - student project

Ive found this class really inspiring.

I made different drawings and paintings inspired by this class. I think this class invited me to think about different areas of my work and experiment with that too.


First Step: Drawing the still life


Still life - image 1 - student project




Raoul Dufy: This is one of my favourite artist, I love the colors He used in his paintings and also the pattern and textures he generated with the lineStill life - image 2 - student project

Still life - image 3 - student project


Van Gogh: What can I say about Van Gogh, I love everything about his work but Im particularly drawn to his sketches. Again I love the textures and patterns he genereated with the line

Still life - image 4 - student project


Second step:

After looking at the different artist I like, I felt tempted to try some things.

This are some of my experiments:

Still life - image 5 - student project


Still life - image 6 - student project


Lastly, I made an illustration:


Still life - image 7 - student project



This class was such a great fun! Thank you.