Still life with Olives | Skillshare Projects

Marie Coons

Designer and Illustrator



Still life with Olives

I took the apron test and failed it when I tried applying my first collection. I was having trouble with the dot grid working with the main bottle pattern. I ended up changing the grid to something more square like and I think it works a little better since it offsets the round shapes of the main pattern. Anyway, heres my revised pattern collection along with how it looks on aprons:



I love this class and everything that I'm learning. The Albers color exercises opened my eyes to how a color palette is created - its not just plopping colors on a page and crossing my fingers that they might all work together - which was pretty much my method until now. this class is a blast!

I went to a Giorgio Morandi exhibition over the weekend so was inspired by his beautifully muted palettes. I created a palette based on the painting below but then after doing the Albers color exercises I revised my palette. Although the colors in my original palette worked I found working with them to be a bit limiting. The revised palette seemed to be easier to work with.




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