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Still deciding

Kicking aroud a few different ideas:

Idea 1

I ran a zombie run last year with my wife and my father. It was hectic and exciting and although not very gutsy in the classic sense, it might make for a fun storyboard; lots of action and opportunities for good imagery.

Idea 2

Participated in the first Gulf War as a gunner in a Marine Corps M60 tank. Our Job was to be the one of a number of groups that were to breach the minefield between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Little hit of a heavier topic but it has potential.

Idea 3

This is more personally meaningful and may not interest others. Basically, storyboarding a family Saturday. It does not sound too exciting, but with three young children, our days are packed. As a father, it might be nice to explore/catalog visusally the width of activities of an average day.


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