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Caroline McKean

Art Director



Still Waters Run Deep

 "Still Waters Run Deep"

Application:  greeting card

Step 2: 

Step 3: Reference Materials 

I found the colors I want to use - golds, blues, and gray. I also am leaning towards a mix of script, serif, and san serif lettering.

I also really like the "rain drop" design and the chemical compound "h2o" - I just need to figure out how to blend those two elements....

Lettering Warmup  

First Go (above): Serif & San Serif

The Tetrus looking font was my first idea - forgot the "s" throughout my entire project so had to add it back in - ended up with proportion problems.

Second attempts (above): Fancy San Serif (created a category) & Script 

My Favorite attempt so far is the script. I played for a long time with the 'A', 'T', & 'R' fiting together. The 'W' was a sticking point - really stumped me for several days how to make the 'W' look good and how to make the cross bar of the 'T' inergrate. Tried to blend the S as I forgot it in the inital design...


Lettering Warm Up traced onto a Single Page 

Frustrated with the result of this tracing. It was unatural and not fluid. I was pressing really hard so erasing was impossible. I was using a 2H drawing pencil to trace it in but was so thin I went of with a 3B. 


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