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Still Photography

Hello everybody!

Well I'm a designer from São Paulo, Brazil. Since I started working with design, products photographs were a constant. And sometimes the photos were really poor and didn't really show how the product really is.

So I gained interest in Photography and several years later I bought my camera. And began studying photography a little deeper. Specially Studio lights, but I can't buy a complete studio lighting set because its incredibly expensive here in brazil (4 to 5 times the price in the US).

And as I have no professional lighting...I had to do some improvisation, called Lightpainting. You might know lightpainting refering to pictures with abstract light patterns that are beautiful, but hardly thought that you could apply on a product photography, am I right?

So that's what I did: All these photographs were taken with only ONE speedlite...only one fisical light source that multiplied into several different sources. First you set the photo shooting as usual, but then in order to control every single light in the ambient, I shot in a completely dark room..set my camera to BULB that way i can control how long the expousure will last, and while exposing the picture I fired the flash handheld where I thought the lights should be...thinking in how could I enhance the products forms, colors and finishes.

Well, this is the Result so far:

Isn't the most effective way, but with a 70 dollars Yongnuo speedlite, It will do the job really well


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