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Kaitlin Reim

User Experience Designer



Still Life With Woodpecker

I chose the book Still Life With Woodpecker by Tom Robbins which is centered on a love story between an environmentalist and an outlaw.

Primarily working as a web designer, I don't always get the chance to do standalone graphic work without some sort of web element so this is a nice change.

First step is I wrote down some words that are big themes and used that as a starting off point for where I'm going to take the final design.

I decided I wanted to focus on the duality between the main characters of Leigh-Cheri and Bernard.  Leigh-Cheri is a former princess who is focused on making the world a better place while Bernard believes the world needs a bit of a shake-up.

From there I moved on to actually creating the letter R (for Robbins, the author).  I'm not much of a drawer or sketcher so I worked with shapes directly in Illustrator, drawing on inspiration from various R's.  I'm going to use a mix of angular shapes and curves to represent the temperments of the two main characters.

I've been continuting with the basic letter and moved onto some elements to add to the design.  Continuing with that theme of duality, I wanted half of the letter to be predictable and classic and the other half to have some quirks.  I'm still working on the color palette but I think I'm getting there.


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