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Tricia Gardner

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Still Life With Woodpecker : Drop Cap Experiment

I just finished reading Still Life With Woodpecker by Tom Robbins. Perfect timing to start this drop cap project!

I've gone through the initial stages of brainstorming and sketching concepts. Some of the main themes/repeating elements in the book that I used in my concept sketches are: pyramids, a pack of Camel cigarettes, the moon, a red typewriter, and blackberry bushes that seem to be overtaking everything.

 Here are the inital sketches that I've narrowed it down to:


In the book, the main character Leigh-Cheri locks herself in the attic and refuses to see anyone (with only a pack of Camel cigarettes and some other bare essentials) after her lover (an infamous outlaw bomber nicknamed the Woodpecker) is incarcerated. While locked in the attic, she studies the packaging of the Camel cigarettes and comes up with a bunch of crazy theories about pyramids, the moon, and redheads.

My concept for this sketch is to create the shape of the R using the moon and a pyramid. To create the R, I would need to crop them in some way so that the left side ends up being straight. If I go with this version I would also like to play with maybe some shadows and a silhouette of a camel in the pyramid.


Throughout the book, the author interjects a few side notes, like an inner dialogue. These mini dialogues often discuss his use of a red typewriter to write the book.

My concept for this sketch is to create a typewriter illustration with a piece of paper in it that has the R typed on it in a typewriter-like font. 




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