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Still Life - Opalescent vase with enameled flowers

I painted one of my favorite things, a lustreware, Japanese vase. Actually, I've painted it several times because it's an element in a painting idea I am bewitched with of this vase, with pearls draped over edge, a guilded tea cup, and a plaster cherub. I've painted each element several times individually, working towards an end painting. 

I started with a painting in my sketch book, which was fun, but when I attempted a larger painting, I was a bit perplexed with the different elements.

This is my second attempt at this tea cup. I've painted the tea cup afterwards two more times, for a total of four. I anticipated the third and fourth attempts to improve; instead, I was less happy with my third and fourth attempts, so I am posting this one for  your review.

I also used my watercolors for a fun piece, but didn't really think through the whole transparency of watercolor effect so that I had to resort to adding some opaque gouche. This sketch book painting began with my attempt to watercolor a tie-dy pattern in my favorite colors. Afterwards, I thought to add my new summer drink of iced lemon water with strawberries and celery slices as it sat on my little, plastic palette. So I inked an outline and glazed more watercolor and a dollop or two of gouche.

My method was to paint my tie-dye background first, my pen line second, more watercolor and lastly, gouche.

I am loving watercolor. And I have a tendency to paint the same still life multiple times until I am happy or feel like it's time to move on and maybe revisit the subject later. Recently, I have been bewitched with antique pool balls, which I have painted multiple times. I can't get the shape and shadow technique through my head so that my pool balls look round.

I will post a picture of my jazzy pool balls as soon as I can figure out how to not paint them to look like pancakes.

My son-in-law threw a surprise birthday party for my daughter, and she sent me home with a bouquet of flowers from the table decorations. I had four bouquets to choose from, and I chose this one because of the mix of wonderful flowers.

I've painted the bouquet four times, and this is my fourth attempt. The flowers were in a cut glass vase, but for this painting, since I didn't watch my space, I didn't have enough room for the vase the flowers were in and I made up a vase that was short and squatty and fit the paper.

It's funny how each painting is completely different. The only flower I felt I somewhat accomplished a watercolour wash on was the top Freesia flower. It was fun painting with a bouquet setting in front of me.

I've also painted a truck four times after watching the videos, and used the cello wrap and the salt techniques. I had a photograph of an old Ford truck in the woods at a nearby outdoor resort. My truck paintings weren't very successful because I had trouble with my washes.

Of the two subjects, I chose to post my flower bouquet painting because it makes me smile whenever I look at it and think back on the party.


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