Still Life: Apple & Cherries

Still Life: Apple & Cherries - student project

Thank you so much for a wonderful course! It was simple and very effective, and I feel like I learned a few new Photoshop tricks! I have been an artist for quite some time in traditional media, but wanted to improve the quality and consistency of my digital work, and I'm really glad that I found these classes.

Still Life: Apple & Cherries - image 1 - student project

The basic value exercise was a nice refresher for me and I really enjoyed working on the apple project. I've used the warp and liquefy tools usually only at the end of projects before, but never to reshape the overall silhouette before I started painting. I have to admit that it was so helpful in achieving the shape I wanted in those beginning stages. Will definitely use that again in the future!

Still Life: Apple & Cherries - image 2 - student project

Still Life: Apple & Cherries - image 3 - student project

Once I completed the course projects, I decided to go for another still life and chose a bowl of cherries as my reference since I thought it would be rather challenging. I used the basic chalk brush and bristly smudge tool for everything except the background, and I am rather proud of the outcome.

Still Life: Apple & Cherries - image 4 - student project

Thank you again for such a great class. Although it is aimed at beginners, I actually kind of feel that I learned more from it than I did in some of my college courses in regards to value and just how to have fun with painting. I'm looking forward to completing the other classes soon!

Tiffanie LaMonte
Traditional artist with too many hobbies