Sticks and Stones

Hello everyone
Very cool watching this class of Graham and practice with Sticks and Stones.
Here is the result of my mix.


I tried to keep the vibe of the original song, without many effects, using only the REAPER plugins and some free plugins.
I used basically EQ and compressor for just about everything. Reverb on the drums and the voices. A small delay in voice before reverb.
I have learned a lot from Graham following the Recording Revolution. I have greatly improved my workflow in recent months.

Here is a list of the plugins I have used in this mix:
- ReaEQ (Reaper stock plugin)
- ReaComp (Reaper stock plugin)
- ReaVerb (Reaper stock plugin)
- TDR Feedbak Compressor (Tokyo Dawn free plugin)
- NastyDLA (Delay - Variety of Sound free plugin)
- Ferric TDS (Tape saturation - Variety of Sound free plugin)

Greetings from Brazil


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