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Sticks and Stones

I had a great time taking this class, and trying out some new techniques.  It was a great reminder that I need to experiment more often, use different materials, and step away from the computer every now and again.

Here are a couple of my blind contours. Love this exercise. There's no pressure to be "realistic" and it's always a surprise to see the crazy that appears on the paper.


I probably should have chosen a lighter pole, but I really liked this exercise too. I had to use both hands to hold the damn thing so it really made me focus on the larger strokes.  I really like the choppy style of the marks.


And then I was really inspired by Ryan's use of his natural-elements subtractive art and how he re-imagined a previous self portrait using those same natural elements.  So I decided to use our company's logo instead (, and had a blast collecting bits of sticks, stones, acorn caps, and a couple of leaves from my backyard.


And then here's the translated piece. This is kind of what my watercolor paintings end up looking like...which just happened organically when I started adding I feel like I'm starting to find my style. 


Thanks Ryan!



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