Sticking with it for mind, body and soul

This year I've come face to face with a reality that I am dealing with depression. I have very recently taken up practicing yoga as well as going to the basics of equipment-free body training. 

Fitness Goals:

  • *Updated Jan 21st* Stick with it!

    My main fitness goal is to just stick with it. I've always had trouble sticking with being active and eating properly, and so that would be the biggest, most positive fitness habit I need to change, and now.

    **Updated: I will achieve this by first and fore-most listening to my body. If I need a day to recover, I am not weak and it is not considered giving up. It is healthy and respectful to my well-being. I will do stretches and yoga to keep my body flexible
  • *Updated Jan 21st*"Fighting Fit" by 2014

    I want to be in fight shape. I will achieve this by learning to have the will-power to see my workout through. I will focus more on bodyweight training and cardio to build my stregnth and endurance before I start weight training. I will learn and study fighters from all levels and put into practce what I have learned (on my husband and not some poor soul on the streets! baha).

  • *Updated Jan 21st* Ditch the excuses and eat right!
    I have been doing really well with adding more variety to my family and my diet. We have consumed more vegetables and fruits in the last week. I will achieve this by continuing to try new reciepes and build a meal plan that is not only healthy, but delcious as well. I will continue to help achieve this by reading and learning about nutrition and to make the effort to have more will power and self-control. No I do not need to add those chocolate chips to that cookie recipe!! No, I do not need to eat out just because my husband does! No, I do not need that 10:30PM toast and PB sandwich!


January 21st

I have done some sort of activity every day except for two (major improvement from no activity) since class started. And since this class has started, and now that I know somewhat where my fitness level is at, I'm working on some more goals. I've realized that just being active without some sort of direction may end up setting me up to fail. I've been thinking about how much I enjoy watching mixeds martial arts, as well as how much I liked mock-sparring with my husband (choke holds and all! LOL). I like the body composition of fighters --male and female-- and as well I find the confidence that when push comes to shove I could kick her a$$ anytime extremely appealing. My ultimate goal would to be fighting-fit. Not at an UFC level as I don't exactly have the time to dedicate my life to the sport (a part of  me thinks I would love it!), but at a more club/local level.


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