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Sticking to a schedule

That's Foucault's Pendulum up there.  I'm not sure I really understand how it proved the rotation of the earth, but it has something to do with interia & gravity, which I conceptualize with the sophistication of a high school physics student as what's in motion remaining in motion and the force the keeps us on the ground. My project is to try to use a schedule to both remain motivated and productive and to stay grounded to my goals. Right now I have no set schedule; there are things to be done/people to talk to and a couple times a week I am actually expected to be in particular place at a set time-- and yet i feel both like I have no time to do anything and way too much free time.  Part of the reason for this madness is that I'm writing my dissertation and have some contract and part-time work so much of my work involves sitting in the library staring at my computer, but I have a hunch that my failure to create a workable schedule is also to blame. Since I need to get this dissertation done, I must use my time more effectively. My project will be to develop a personal weekly/daily/monthly (who knows what will work best?) schedule to help me complete my dissertation, stay connected to my long term goals of teaching and consulting, maintain some semblance of a social life and not go totally insane. 

Here's my blog link:

Any resources used by others with flexible schedules would be much appreciated!

looking forward to learning with this community --



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