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Sticking With It


I feel as if I'm not living up to my potential a lot of the time. I have a lot of big dreams and lofty plans but never get around to them. Granted, I think I do a good job of putting on a bit of a show but it would be awesome to actually DO this stuff and feel good about it myself. I know it's human nature to never be satisfied, but it would be nice if I could at least feel a fraction of it. 

I'm truly not sure what I'm expecting to get out of this class, but I know I waste a lot of time and I forget about things occasionally, and suck at following through with earlier mentioned big plans. Here's my results from the little quiz: 

So, it basically looks like I'm pretty across the board mediocre, but am better at goal setting and processing than when it comes time to actually doing stuff. I have a hard time wrapping my head around it and willing myself to start. I'm not sure if that's lack of preparation or other stuff going on. Haha. 

I'm really looking forward to this class, and hope it will lead to a much healthier and happier workflow - because I truly love what I'm doing and just want to be even better at it!


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