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Stick figures and brush pens

I can't draw.
Yep, I said it. Now I can move past that. I do do a lot of calligraphy though, and Shantell talked about finding my line, so I was hooked instantly: calligraphy is all about strong, bold lines. I've been struggling to try and find my own voice in the work that I do, so I took on the exercises with gusto. 

I used what I had on hand - a Pentel Aquash brush pen filled with Sumi ink and a Tombow brush marker. Both of these let me create really thin lines, and really thick lines.

The Pentel Aquash often doesn't flow very well if I forget to squeeze the barrel - so you'll see that in the first excercise where there are somewhat dry brush strokes.

Exercise #1: draw standing up

I had a lot of fun with this - I enjoyed doodling things I haven't drawn since kindergarten. I happened to have a large roll of the children's drawing paper you get at IKEA, so used this and blu-tacked it up on my wall (my rental apartment has a strict no-blu-tack policy in the lease -- I'm serious -- so I defied rules to do this exercise). 

Exercise #2: inspired by music

I picked Nas' I'm a Villian for the song I liked, and Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball for something I dislike/don't usually listen to. I'll let you guess which one is which.

Exercise #3: Move the paper

I found this exercise really difficult, as my newly developed flowing line skills meant I kept 'cheating' and moving my hand even when I didn't intend to. The words are produced via word association - I just kept writing.

Exercise 4 & 5 were also a lot of fun, and produced quite different lines to the ones I'd made already. Drawing blindfolded is a very relaxing experience.

Applying the quick, bold style to some lettering: (lyrics from a Ben Howard song, used the method of drawing mindlessly to the music)


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