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Stevie Wonder, mixed by FRSH×BTS

Section 1 | Organizing the Mix

I usually put my vocals and drums in the same folder, but I'm putting aside my usual process for Guru's tips. I'm using Acid Pro, but am thinking of using a trial of Ableton's latest. That'll probably happen after my first run-through.

Section 2 | Determining Levels

I tweaked the levels and panning of everything until I got something that sounded nice to me. I have been saving comps of each stage so I can listen to them once I complete this course. I think I'll put them on Soundcloud.

Section 3 | Adding Effects

Here is what I have so far:

I have adding some slight panning, reverb, and compression. I am still not done with this particular section though, I've been super busy with life (I work for a startup). More to come soon!


If you want to listen to what will definitely be re-upped when I finish this course, visit my official website:


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