Marlon Adams

Generation Y's Supreme Engineer



Stevie Wonder - Superstition #MixedByMooch

Using tips from the lessons by Young Guru combined with my own knowledge of engineering, I will be using the tracks provided for the class as my project.

After organizing my mix: I named and grouped the tracks according to which sounds went together and should be leveled together.

After determining levels: I adjusted the faders to each track according to their groups in an attempt to blend each sound within each group which in turn should make it easier to balance out the groups together. I also panned each sound to have its own pocket where I felt it would be presented best or give its best feel to the song.

After adding effects: I love the rennaisance EQ's and Compressors from the Waves bundles as you can see. I used them on almost every track. I have a Gate on the Kick Drum to attempt to rid of some of the bleed. On the vocal I have the Vocal Rider which helps keep my vocal very natural and I have a compressor with a high threshold and small ratio just to keep the dynamic of the vocal stablized and not really squash it. I also have a deesser which should've been used in the beginning of my chain but as the old addage goes "If it sounds good, it is good.", so I left it as is.

After Completing the Mix: Normally I would limit my mix somewhere between 4-8dbs but since this isn't being mastered I figured why not go all out? As you can see I lowered my mid-range somewhat because it was a lot more powerful in the mix than the other aspects of the frequency range. I also raised the really high end just to brighten it up somemore. 

You can listen to my final mix here:


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