Steve Goes Whale Watching, At Sunset!

If one could go whale watching within Minecraft, I'd imagine this is what it'd look sunset!

To create the pixelated look I changed the max size of all the textures down to 32 or 64 and changed the filter mode to point (rather than bi- or trilinear) to keep the sharp edges between colors. The models were imported from the Unity Store, and the textures for the sky, sand, and water were imported from Google images. The beach is a very large sphere, giving the shore a curve when intersecting with the ocean plane. 

I added a number of colored light sources to get the sunset look. The only inconsistency is the sun, which is not pixelated. Since this is a light source (spot) and not a texture, I'm not sure how to give it a pixelated look, but I'm happy with the finished product nonetheless! 

Executable can be downloaded here:

Daniel McConnell

Below are a couple iterations before I reached the final product.

Daytime, no sun, one light source:

First implementation of sun, no colored light sources, different sky texture:


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